ABOUT Dr. Maryann Rosenthal

Dr. Maryann Rosenthal is an author and international speaker on family dynamics and life achievement issues. A highly-regarded clinical psychologist, she is a much sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader on how to instill self-discipline and self-leadership skills in adults, adolescents, and young children. Drawing from her own life experiences and her seven grown children, she underlines her message with a unique ability to inspire and connect with her audience.

Maryann has written Be A Parent, Not A Pushover, to help parents and kids navigate those difficult years when children are simultaneously pulling away and in need of parental guidance, structures, and love. Be A Parent, Not A Pushover was selected by USA Book News as “Best Book” in their family/parenting category. She has been published in numerous magazines and has collaborated on many books. Advocating a course that promotes responsibility, respect, and a strong self-image for teens, Dr. Maryann is the voice of involved, interactive parenting.

President of Global Leadership Enterprises, she co-authored with Denis Waitley, the new family leadership program The Seed of Greatness System being taught by the authors worldwide. She co-hosted a daily radio show and has made frequent appearances on regional and national television.

A survivor in a kidnapping at age 37, she was abducted from a shopping center in her own van, molested and beaten by an addict. She saved her life by engaging her attacker in conversation. Her story is one of turning personal tribulation into triumph.

Dr. Rosenthal serves on the Board of Directors for SIAS International University, the first solely American owned University in central China. She is on the advisory board for Life Medical Technologies, a company dedicated to educate and provide life-enhancing, innovative medical products to the public. She is the Clinical Director at Casa Palmera Treatment Center, an integrated dual diagnosis care center specializing in the treatment of addiction, chronic pain, eating disorders, and emotional trauma. Appointed by the Governor of California, she has served on several advisory committees. She is a member of the Domestic Violence Council and a founding member of the Elder Abuse Prevention Project.

Dr. Rosenthal received her M.A. in Psychology from United States International University (USIU) and her Ph.D. in Psychology from California Institute for Human Science. She is a member of the California Psychological Association (CPA), the San Diego Psychological Association (SDPA), and the Association of Christian Therapists (ACT).

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