We are becoming more and more violent today and there is no simple answer. There is no gene for violence and aggression is a learned behavior. I think it is in a large part due to the following factors:
We are a country that is simmering in anger; we are a world on guard and that fear is transmitted to our children and causes in them a physiology of fear. The pace of the world we live in does not allow us to truly nurture our children.
Each child is born with a unique temperament and personality and the biology of the brain tells us that there are enormous changes and growth during adolescence.
These changes contribute to the progression of aggression that we see in kids today.  They are     growing up too fast and being robbed of their childhoods.
The availability of weapons and the effects of alcohol and drugs all contribute to violent and homicidal behavior by children.
Young teens who watch more than an hour of television a day are nearly four times as likely to commit aggressive acts in later years.

  • Do have a family meeting with a contract of no violence/no harm
  • Do not control your child; control your child’s behavior

check your parenting style
-role model the behavior you want

  • Do calmly identify the triggers that preceded child’s inappropriate behavior

point out thoughts, feeling, reactions
-name new behaviors

  • Do state your rule and give reasons for the rules

-give consequences for broken rules
-enforce discipline when rules are broken

  • Do not hesitate to use community resources:

-social/ environmental and legal

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