PARENTING ARTICLES : Write Your  Family Mission Statement
Don’t let the urgent take over the Important!

Taking the time to outline your family’s goals and philosophy in a very personal and succinct way is an excellent way to get our busy, modern lives back on track. When you are forced to write something down, you usually give it serious thought. By taking the time to focus on your core values of faith, compassion, and service, you help your children answer “big picture” questions like, “What’s it all about? Where am I going? Why am I here?” Nothing can replace the satisfaction that comes from working on values together spelled out in words for the family to share.

  1. Create an environment of family trust that encourages even the youngest members of the family to share ideas.
  2. Schedule a time to brainstorm all kinds of ideas and talk about why the family mission statement is important. List them no matter how silly they sound.
  3. Choose a family member to record all of the suggestions.
  4. Review the list as you narrow it down to an implicit statement of the important guiding principles, values and vision that represent your family.
  5. Remember that you don’t have to rush the process. 
  6. Once everyone has agreed upon the guidelines, make a final draft that truly summarizes your family’s goals and values.
  7. Make copies for all family members and make sure that all family members focus on the stated goals and the fact that the mission statement is a source of support and love.




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