PRESS ROOM : Suggested Questions / Answers

• What is Positive Self-Awareness and why is it essential for effective parenting?

Parents need to “check their own baggage”.  Do you demonstrate accountability? Do you talk from value with value?  Do you reinforce success?  The average parent gives 96% negative attention to their child in the form of threats, sarcasm, and commands.

• Is our guilt causing us to raise greedy kids?

Parents are overwhelmed trying to balance work and family lives.
“Ask or Don’t Ask and You Shall Receive”.
The average teenager in America spends over $104 /week.

• Are parents obsessed with their children’s self-esteem?

Parents need to be more of a coach, than a cheerleader.
Authentic self-esteem is about being an Inner Winner- the kind of person who recognizes his or her internal value and uses that recognition as the foundation for achieving any goal.      

• In Be A Parent, Not A Pushover,  you talk about the physical development of the teen brain, and the effect that development has on behavior.  Is the adolescent brain really that different than the adult brain?

• You are a parent with a blended family of seven children.   With the divorce rate at over 50% in our country, blended families have become the norm.  Give us some of the ground rules for creating a successful blended family.

• How important is a sense of humor for a parent dealing with teens, and how can it help in strengthening the relationship?

• We hear that communication is so important when you have teens...but what does this really, truly look like in real life, practical terms?

The problem is that parents change as the blow of each crisis tempers them.  They lose their sense of optimistic hope and tend to become rather pessimistic about the possibilities for their children.




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