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1. Many schools have eliminated the dreaded “F” (for failure) from their grading systems or have done away with grades all together. And in youth sports nationwide, every kid gets a trophy ( no matter how lousy they might be).

Are parents obsessed with self-esteem? Absolutely, says Dr. Maryann Rosenthal, an internationally respected authority on family dynamics.

Dr Maryann says that inauthentic self-esteem is ruining our kids. She will discuss “family leadership” skills and how parents can become coaches, instead of cheerleaders, for their children, explaining:

    • How guilt is causing us to raise greedy kids with overly inflated egos. Parents who deny their own needs are not loving their children.
    • The importance of a strong, parent-child relationship that depends on overcoming your own childhood struggles through Positive Self – Awareness
    • What she means by  “future proofing” your family – and how to do it.
    • How to build “authentic self-esteem” in your children and the most important thing we should be giving our kids – instead of “big heads.”

2. Why Kids Today Think It's Okay to Cheat Cheating to Win....Everybody Does It! 
A recent Duke University study revealed that an astonishing 75 percent of high school students cheat! While technology -- from iPods to cell phones -- has made cheating easier, the real cause for the spike in cheating is a lack of integrity among our kids, says parenting expert, Dr. Maryann Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosenthal says kids today don’t consider cheating a moral issue.  “Kids say it’s not cheating, it’s helping,” she explains, and they do it without a second thought. She will discuss the way kids today justify their dishonesty, including:

    • How the “win at all costs” mentality carries over from the playing field into the classroom.
    • They’re not smart enough to pass the test, but they’re smart enough to cheat and not get caught. How kids practice “risk management” in order to “make the grade.”
    • How the pressure to succeed is making cheating more enticing than ever. 
    • The cheating epidemic reflects a lack of family values; how parents put a greater emphasis on achievement than on character.
    • Ways to curb cheating and to help children develop their sense of integrity.

3. Should You Buy Your Teen a Car?
Internationally Renowned Expert Helps Parents Deal with Their Teenage Drivers

One of the biggest moments in a teenager’s life is when they get their first car. Car keys in hand, they gain a sense of independence -- and sometimes, a sense of abandon (making it one of the scariest moments in a parent’s life). Just how should parents handle the many difficult situations that occur when their teen begins driving? 

From cars to curfews (and everything in between), parenting expert Maryann Rosenthal, Ph.D, can help. She offers advice to parents “navigating the difficult adolescent years when children are simultaneously pulling away and in need of parental guidance, structure, and love.” Dr. Rosenthal will reveal:

    • The most important words you can say when your teen gets behind the wheel.
    • How to know if your teenager is ready to drive -- and when to take away the keys.
    • The best way to approach the serious topic of drinking and driving.
    • Why you should have your teen driver sign a contract -- and what the contract should include.


The truth is, there are a lot of wimpy parents. They don’t trust their own judgment. They treat their kids as if they are delicate crystal that might shatter with even the gentlest handling instead of fairly durable glassware that’s designed to hold up pretty well if not abused.
But here’s what you’ve got to keep in mind: you know more than your children—and you’re supposed to tell them what to do. You weren’t created to be their pals, their playmates, their servants. You’ve got more experience and better judgment—use them!

    • Why children are becoming more and more violent at a younger age
    • Why girls are becoming more and more violent
    • Teaching our girls to say “no”
    • Where parents go wrong
    • What to do once the cycle of violence has begun


Dr. Maryann Rosenthal is author of BE A PARENT, NOT A PUSHOVER and "The Seeds of Greatness System," a Family Leadership Program being taught worldwide. An experienced media guest who has appeared nationally and co-hosted her own daily radio program, Dr. Maryann draws on her own life experiences to underline her message and has a unique ability to inspire and connect with her audience.

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Dr. Rosenthal, 
Thank YOU so much for being on our show.  We were oohing
and ahhing after we talking to you about your incredible communication
skills.  Great interview!  We really appreciate you spending that time
with us. We look forward to having you on again soon!

Kevin & Taylor
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Being an outstanding lecturer and clinical psychologist, Dr. Maryann Rosenthal delivered her wonderful keynote on growing extraordinary children and building winning family relationships. Her speech was an amazing experience for all gathered in Warsaw for the Polish Real Estate Federation’s 10th Anniversary. It was not only very educating but an extremely moving and unforgettable experience.

I am delighted to issue this testimonial to a brilliant, beautiful professional who had found the time and energy to come to Poland to be with us. Maryann is unbeatable!